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Expert Spider Solitaire (as the name would imply) is extremely challenging, and recommended only for true solitaire champions
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16 July 2013

Editor's review

Most of us simply love the game of Solitaire. From the time Windows has brought with it this application there have been many like me who are spending the majority of their time at work hours (to recharge themselves) playing this game. Expert Spider Solitaire 1.0 that we have here is from the same family and added to that has got certain kind added charm. The word expert that is affixed with the game portrays that it is not a game for beginners. Sorry to say that. If you are a true-expert and have got the guts and skills then bring it on and challenge this game with all your might. We are sure that you would love this game and can deliver the dent to make you pull your hairs in winning the game.

Expert Spider Solitaire 1.0 has got all the facets that a general solitaire game has plus it has something more in it that you have to see for yourself, an element of surprise as we put it. From King (the highest card) to Ace (lowest card) you have to stack them in descending order and wipe off the entire stack from the table. Stay away from placing suits of different cards as much as possible as it will prevent the rest cards above it to get removed. However if you are stuck at any point the feature ‘UNDO’ will enable you to return back to the earlier point. And in this way you can correct and rectify your errors. Complete interface looks glossy and the red colored cards along with green background makes the thing really contrasting.

So all the folks out there who think they are champions of solitaire, then think again and try out Expert Spider Solitaire 1.0. It is a great gaming software and offers to be a terrific opportunity for passing the spare time. We rate it with three stars for giving us an exciting and addictive gaming experience.

Publisher's description

Expert Spider Solitaire (as the name would imply) is extremely challenging, and recommended only for true solitaire champions.
Just like regualr (and "Hard") Spider Solitaire, Beat Expert Spider Solitaire by removing all cards from the game. You do this by stacking cards of the same color into "completed" piles (King to Ace). Similarly, you must avoid stacking cards of differing suits, because it will cause the above cards in the stack to go inactive.
Expert Spider Solitaire players will be quick to flip as many cards as possible in the tableau--even sometimes at the cost of stacking cards of alternating suits. Though this is typically not recommended, it is often a necessary evil in this strategy game to avoid having to click the stock button too soon--which will almost assuredly cause most (if not all) of your stacks in the tableau to go inactive.
Expert Spider Solitaire
Expert Spider Solitaire
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